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Updated: Sep 28, 2021

Life is a never-ending sequel, while, survival still remains a priority. Doomed by circumstances, we are possessed by the circumstances that arise at different milestones in life. Rather than struggling to erase stress, why not face the situations boldly and continue walking on our path smilingly.

I would like to propose a different perspective. To live a meaningful life, only one factor requires for a fulfilled life, apart from destiny. Just consider a neutral person who never feels any offence. We always come up freely in front of the neutral person. Reception is a great act. If achieved, we can create the simplest form of life and wonders. But, do we truly agree with our every flaw?

Pause for a moment, and imagine a wonderland where our strengths are impartially loved with our blemishes. It might be true that one of our negative behaviour, maybe two or more, be responsible for the hurdles that we are facing today. But are they just to be fought? A simple solution can change the scenario! Why struggle harder?

We're not habituated to see things equally; always a part is high or low. When we adore our negatives, we define fairness within ourselves. Whether a strength or an imperfection, we are well-acquainted with the problem in front of us; indirectly, because we are well-acquainted of our nay behaviour as the root cause of the problem, plus, we are charged with the solution that which of our positive behaviour can erode the negative one and hence defeat the challenge in front of us.

Accepting ourselves not only makes life simpler but also allows us to decide our destiny.

-Pranali Vira

Mind is a big puzzle, which can be solved only by its creator. Mind understands its own language, that could only be interpreted by the language-maker. When we evoke a desire within us, mind starts rationalizing. After comparing the pros and cons and eradicating the disturbances, the mind instructs us towards our desires. But, is that what we really want?

Life is not only about choices, but also about satisfaction and a feeling to create our identity. Our mind substantiates in a fraction of seconds when we fight against that atonement needed to prove things right. If this energy of our mind is channelized above the materialistic things for something more precious, "A HAPPY AND PEACFUL LIFE," then we would be someone who lives even after death, a self-sufficient person.

Being abroad minded person ain't easy! The society remains a challenge but to what extent? Well, if the true talent of an individual rises in a state when they whole-heartedly seek for an aim that gives them inner joy; an aim that is purely their own and not made up of worldly desires, the communal-challenge vanishes and we give a hope to petty people who might independently shift their usual perspective. Not to mention, keeping the thoughts we have been fed, right from childhood, still in our lives, doesn't create this leap of being "US!" Choose your time to begun moving towards what you feel, rather than staying influenced.

Thanks for the read!

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